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Check the tickets!

Before you hire a driver, shouldn't you know if they have tickets? DWIs? For your peace of mind and your company's insurance requirements, run driving records/motor vehicle reports before you allow any employee behind the wheel of your company vehicles.

Running advance business credit reports and obtaining a complete business profile may help eliminate the future risk of lost finances and the necessity of having to seek legal action against high-risk businesses.

Business Screening Options

AAACSS Provides 2 options for detailed Experian™ business credit reports depending on your business needs.

Commercial Intelliscore

An easy-to-read, one page report featuring a credit risk score ranging from 1 (low risk) to 5 (high risk), ranked against other businesses within the same field. The Commercial Intelliscore is our most popular business credit report for companies or individuals who need to make a quick decision. The following factors influence the credit risk score on a Commercial Intelliscore report:

  • Payment history and current payment status of trade lines
  • Length of business credit history
  • Bankruptcies related to this business
  • Judgments filed against this business
  • Collections accounts
  • Credit utilization
After the score, this report lists the major factors that influenced a company’s risk classification. Also providing a short financial summary of the business, the Commercial Intelliscore serves as an effective prediction of the likelihood of serious credit delinquencies for a business within the next 12 months.

Business Profile

The Business Profile is a detailed, in-depth report which gives a current and objective overview of a company’s ability and willingness to pay.

A Business Profile includes the following: 

  • Executive Summary of legal filings and collections and trade information, including:
    • Total collections
    • Highest credit amount extended
    • Bankruptcy filings
    • Judgment filings
    • Monetary sum of legal filings
    • Tax lien filings
    • UCC filings
    • Analysis of Cautionary UCC filings
    • Highest DBT
    • Monthly average DBT (Days Beyond Terms)
    • Trade balances
    • Total continuous trades
  • Graphs of DBT trends
  • Detailed trade payment information
  • Additional payment information, including:
    • Monthly and quarterly payment trends
    • Additional payment experiences
  • Company background information, including:
    • Corporate registration
    • Key personnel
    • Operating information such as years in business, number of employees, and sales

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