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For your insurance company's requirements, or for your own peace of mind, let us check the driving record of anyone who drives company vehicles.

check driving records

Driving Records - MVRs

Driving record checks are nationwide (where permitted by law) and include:


Traffic Violations

Drug or Alcohol Related Convictions


License Status

Driver's Physical Description

Rush Service available for some states.

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Background Checks on Job Applicants and Employees

Some employers routinely run background checks on applicants or current employees. But there are some legal limits on the information you can gather and use when making employment decisions.

When you are making hiring or promotion decisions, you might need a bit more information than your employees provide. After all, some folks do give false or incomplete information in employment applications. And workers probably don't want you to know certain facts about their past that might disqualify them from holding a new position. Generally, it's good policy to do a little checking before you make these important decisions.

However, you do not have an unfettered right to dig into applicants' or employees' personal affairs. Workers have a right to privacy in certain personal matters, a right they can enforce by suing you if you pry too deeply. How can you avoid crossing this line? Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

In addition to these general considerations, specific rules apply to certain types of information, like: