AAA Credit Screening Services Launches QuickApp™ Feature

November 10, 2017
Customers can now place orders online, allow applicants to complete online forms and even customize the application to fit their needs or brand. For more information click on QuickApp™

AAA Credit Screening Services Launches NEW Blog at

October 19, 2017
AAA Credit Screening Services launched a new blog at to inform customers about events at AAACSS, changes in reporting and provide articles with interesting information regarding employment background checks, tenant screenings, credit reports and more.

AAA Credit Screening Services has been running tenant background checks and credit reports since 1996 and is located in Houston, TX, but serves customers nationwide.

Renters could get extra scrutiny through anti-terrorist measures

June 3, 2002
Criminal background probes could become as common as credit checks for New York apartment hunters, said landlords and managers who met Monday with police and FBI counter-terrorist experts. Law enforcement officials instructed property owners and management firms how to detect terrorists looking to sabotage buildings or use them as bases of operations, participants leaving police headquarters said. Click here for complete article.

Resume Fraud

November 1995
In a survey of 150 executives of Fortune 1000 firms, AccounTemps has found that up to 33 percent of all résumés may be fraudulent or "lacking in vital information," Personnel Journal reports. And human resource managers aren't surprised by those results. "Today, it's probably as high as 30 or 40 percent," Lorayne Dollet, vice president and personnel specialist at the Chicago office of Hay Management Consulting, told Personnel Journal. "As a result, HR people are spending more time verifying résumés than ever before."

Here are some tips from Personnel Journal to help you detect lies on résumés and during interviews: Click HERE
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