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To Trust is Good, To Verify is Best! aaa credit screening

Background Checks & Credit Reports

AAA Credit Screening (AAACSS) provides the best background screening reports for employment background checks and tenant screening. One can never be too careful when making a hiring decision or letting someone rent your property. The use of complete background checks can help eliminate future legal action or liability for your company or when dealing with employees or tenants.

AAACSS also provides Business Reports including Business Credit Checks, Incorporation information, Bankruptcy Records & More!

AAACSS has been providing customers with the best background check & credit screening service available for over 20 years and is an A+ rated company with the Better Business Bureau & a member of NAPBS (National Association of Professional Background Screeners). All reports are FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) compliant, ensuring that you get the most accurate reports available.

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Background Check Categories

Employment Background Checks

Employment background checks can be customized to fit client needs and can include criminal background checks, driving records, reference checks, credit reports, degree verification, & more.

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Business Reports

Business reports are essential for Business 2 Business agreements and can include business credit checks, incorporation information, information on business principals, bankruptcy records, etc.

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Tenant Screening

Landlords & Property managers help protect their properties by running complete background checks including criminal records, eviction records, credit checks, landlord reference checks, prior address checks & more.

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Nanny Background Checks

If you are considering hiring a nanny to take care of your children, running background checks including criminal records, driving records, sex-offender registry searches, etc. can provide you with peace of mind before leaving your loved one alone with a caretaker.

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Contractor Background Checks

Whenever a property owner needs construction or repairs done on their property, they take a risk leaving the property in the hands of a contractor. Contractor background checks can include business credit checks, lawsuits filed against a business, business incorporation information, individual background checks & more.

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Commercial Tenant Credit Checks

Property Managers have the tough task of finding reliable tenants to occupy commercial buildings and running complete tenant checks can help ensure the best possible tenants. Business credit checks with payment history, incorporation information, information on business principals & their credit history can be run to complete this task.

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employment background check

To Trust is Good, To Verify is Best!

We would all like to trust that the applicants that we are considering are honest, trustworthy people, but unfortunately in today's society that is not always the case, that is why running complete background checks are so important!

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