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Commercial Tenant Credit Reports

Enable Property Manangers to make Informed Decisions Before Signing Lengthy Lease Contracts

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Renting out Commercial Property, whether it is Office, Warehouse or Retail Space is a risky endeavor for any property mananger or owner. Contracts are often 3, 5, 7 or 10 years in lenght and making sure that the most credit-worthy tenants are signed is of vital importance. The best tenants are ones with the credit worthiness and ability to stay current with their rent payments.

AAA Credit Screening Services enables customers to feel secure about their commercial tenant decisions by providing commercial tenant credit checks on prospective tenants.

Commercial Tenant Credit Check reports are just like our business credit reports, but added information can be added if needed. These packages include the following:

Business Summary Reports

Business Summary Reports include a quick view of the business' credit history as well as legal data on the business. The report will show the amount of credit lines open under the company name and any legal judgements or tax liens imposed on the company as well as bankruptcy filings. You will also be provided with the date of incorporation and the tax filing status of the business ("Inactive Business", "Active Business" and so forth) as well as the principal officer's names.

Commercial Intelliscore

Commercial Intelliscore reports provide property managers with a one-page credit history of the business. It is includes the information mentioned above in the Business Summary Report, but also adds the Days Beyond Terms (DBT), monthly average DBT, and total outstanding account balances. The report will also show the highest credit line extended to the company and the number of accounts in "collections" status. The monetary amount of legal findings against the business will also be included. Intelliscore Plus is also included, this will show a numerial rating of the business' credit score with a rating of high to low risk based on the company's credit history.

Business Profile Report

Business Profile Reports are for property managers or landlords that want to obtain the most extensive commercial credit reports available on applicant companies. An Executive Summary is included on the first page which reviews the info contained within the report as well as a quick reference guide. The business' current dollar weighted calculation averaging the # of days within which payments were made past the invoice due date and compares that to others within the same industry. A graph with quarterly and a 7-month DBT trend is also included as well as a summary of legal finding and collections against the business.

This extensive report is unique because it includes a complete report listing each creditor, the outstanding balance and the DBT as well as legal findings and collections.

Additional Items to Consider:

If the applicant company is a newly established business, less than 1 year old, landlords or property managers may feel that the reports are insufficient to make a proper leasing decision and find it necessary to credit reports on the individuals or principals of the company before signing a contract.

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