Employment Reference Checks

Assisting HR Departments by performing employment reference checks on their behalf

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Employment Reference Checks

Reference Checks can be very valuable during the employment background check process giving employers a better insight into the character of the applicant. Applicants will mostly provide references using people that will give them a glowing review, however, that is not always the case and calling references can provide hiring managers with valuable character information. Resumes paint the picture that the applicant wants you to see, but what other people say is another piece of the puzzle. Calling references can be tedious and time consuming, and that is why AAACSS will do the work for you along with running the criminal background checks, driving records and other reports needed to make your hiring decision.

All these reports and reference check information can save time and money by outsourcing the task and eliminating candidates with questionable character before they are hired and time is spent on training and subsequent problems in the future.

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AAACSS can be your extended HR Department performing reference checks & these other services:

  • Criminal Background Checks

  • Driver License Checks / Driving Records

    Save on insurance costs and future accidents or litigation by check employee records before allowing them to drive company vehicles.
  • Employee Drug Testing

    Helping companies keep a drug-free work environment
  • Degree Verification / Education Verification

    Verifying Degrees, Certificates and other Credentials
  • Credit Reports

    Gives insight to an applicant's character, do they pay their bills, are they delinquent? Especially necessary for people working with money, in accounting or finance
  • Reference Checks

    Checking character references helping hiring managers to determine whether an applicant will fit in with their corporate culture

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