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Avoid Accidents, Increased Insurance Costs & Future Litigation Due to Accidents.

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Driver License Checks / Driving Records / MVR

Driving Records or Motor Vehicle Reports (MVR) can help you reduce the risk of litigation and increased insurance costs & are important parts of the employment background check process. Before you hire a driver, shouldn't you know if they have tickets? DWIs? For your peace of mind and your company's insurance requirements, run driving records/motor vehicle reports before you allow any employee behind the wheel of your company vehicles.

Driving records can be obtained from nationwide sources (where permitted by law)

Driver License Checks Include:

  • Accidents
  • Traffic Violations
  • Current Address
  • Suspensions
  • License Status
  • Drug or Alcohol Related Convictions
  • Date of Issuance/Expiration
  • Driver's Physical Description
  • Tickets, DUIs & More!

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Take the Worry out of Hiring with Quality Driver Record Checks

Owning & running a business comes with a tremendous amount of stress and avoiding as much stress as possible is a good goal to strive for. Business owners and managers can achieve a less stressful environment by gathering a team of employees that are reliable and will help protect company assets and reputation. The method for hiring the best possible employees for your team is by doing complete background checks including driving records before extending an employment offer. Going through a few extra steps during the hiring process can help avoid future issues, claims and litigation.

Driver record checks can also provide employers with a look into the character of the applicant. A list of accidents or unpaid tickets may be an indicator of a careless person, which could translate into the same carelessness at work.

I Don't Have Drivers, Why Would I Need Driving Records?

You many not think that your company needs driving records on your employees, but have you considered people driving around on company time? Not only is it important when they are driving company vehicles, but it could be important for any person including sales people that drive around during company time, even if they use their own vehicles.

Unfortunately, when accidents occur, they often result in some type of claim or litigation and those that sue will of course go after the person with the most money and that could be your business. While your "company" may not have been involved and no company vehicle was used, you may still be mentioned in a suit. It is better to ensure an employee with a clear driving record before such an occurrence.

The Cost of Accidents for Companies

Information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2016 Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries Report) on workplace driving incidents:

  1. Transportation incidents are the most common fatal events making up 40% of “workplace injury” events.
  2. In 2016, fatal injuries among transportation & material moving occupations increased by 7%, the highest since 2007 accounting for more than ¼ of all work-related fatalities.

2016 CDC report from the Center for Motor Vehicle Safety:

  1. Motor vehicle crashes cost US employers $25 billion dollars annually
    1. This includes a cost of $671,000 per death
    2. Non-fatal injuries cost an average of $65,000 per incident
  2. From 2003-2014, there were 22,000 work-related motor vehicle deaths in the US

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