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Eviction record reports are now an important part of the tenant screening process

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Eviction Record Reports

Eviction Records run as part of the Tenant Screening process help landlords, homeowners and property manages eliminate the worst possible applicants and selecting only those worthy of a lease contract. In July 2017, the 3 major credit bureaus enacted their NCAP - National Consumer Assistance Plan and made some major changes as to what they are reporting on credit reports. They removed tax liens and civil judgements from their reports making it much harder to determine if an applicant has been evicted through the court system as well as if they have been delinquent in their tax payments. Often times applicants that can therefore have tax liens, garnished wage judgements or asset freezes limiting available funds to pay rent. With this NCAP plan, landlords will no longer be able to determine the worthiness of a candidate through credit reports alone. AAA Credit Screening Services therefor offers Eviction Records to give landlords more information prior to renting.

Eviction Record Reports Provide the Following:


The eviction report is then compared against a prior address check (addresses associated with an applicant's Social Security Number) and the corresponding addresses are confirmed as the correct addresses for your applicant to determine with they were ever evicted.

If you have utilized credit reports to inform you of civil judgements against applicants, an alternative is to run a civil report, federally or by county. Civil reports have a turn-around time that averages 5 business days.

AAA Credit Screening Services prides itself at staying ahead of new developments in the consumer reporting realm to better serve customers by finding solutions to current and future problems that arise with new policies and legislature and welcome your calls and questions about eviction records and other services.

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