Best Driving Records / Motor Vehicle Reports (MVRs)

Check the tickets!

Driving Records or Motor Vechile Reports (MVR) can help you reduce the risk of litigation and increqased insurance costs. Before you hire a driver, shouldn't you know if they have tickets? DWIs? For your peace of mind and your company's insurance requirements, run driving records/motor vehicle reports before you allow any employee behind the wheel of your company vehicles.

Driving Records & MVRs

Driving records can be obtained from nationwide sources (where permitted by law)

Driving Record Checks Include:
  • Traffic Violations
  • Current Address
  • Accidents
  • Suspensions
  • License Status
  • Drug or Alcohol Related Convictions
  • Date of Issuance/Expiration
  • Driver's Physical Description
  • Tickets, DUIs & More
Turn-Around Time
2 Business Days (except for the states which require consent forms or mail-in forms) Rush Service available for some states.

Getting Started

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